Mega Escape Games & Murder Mystery Nights

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“The night was just beginning, the party goers had no idea that a murder was being committed as they arrived. Can they avoid suspicion and help catch the MURDERER!” BOOK NOW Bookings available for between 10-50 people. We come to you, or, we can host your event for you. A minimum of 4 weeks required…
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STORYBASED CROWD EXPERIENCE We are offering a completely new event concept, our MEGA ESCAPE GAME, turning your guests from attendants into engaged participants. Ranging from 32-300 players, we offer a comprehensive story-based and free-flowing concept which will take your guests into a different world and teach them to value goals in an impressive and lasting manner.…
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Trick or Treat **OPENING SOON** (Mooloolaba)

SUITABLE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES (age 5+) New game “TRICK or TREAT” is now under construction. Due to COVID 19, the opening date will be announced soon. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a paying adult. This game is for children 5+ years. Some puzzles will require the adult mind to help…
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The Basement………….. Our Newest game! (Mooloolaba)

On the hunt for a serial thief, your police team has accessed a suspect’s house. You have been tasked with clearing the basement. But everything is not what it seems. You must be very careful, it could be a TRAP? Can you solve the case, which has taken a very dangerous twist? SKILL LEVEL MEDIUM…
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Quarantine (Mooloolaba)

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have sent their best team, you, to solve a baffling case of a possible Ebola outbreak in The Congo. Your team leader, Dr Vercon, went ahead. but you have lost contact with him. Your team must enter the Quarantine laboratory where you hope the disease is contained. To make…
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Time Travelers Room (Caloundra)

Professor Harrison has been missing for weeks. You and your friends need to find him! The power keeps going out on campus and a place which could be the likely cause is the Professor’s Workshop. When you enter, you realize why. The machine in the middle of the room confirms your suspicions. But it wasn’t…
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