Want to know something?


We have more than 6 players, so can you handle large groups?

We sure can. Birthdays, Team Building Corporate events. Just call us. We can help to organize your event into a larger room or come to you and conduct a Mega Escape Game onsite. At Caloundra we have a party/lounge room available to “party on” after your game. Mooloolaba has a small lounge area suitable for a max 12 people. (extra charges apply)

Can kids play the game?

Yes. However, at our Caloundra location, children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a paying adult. The Mooloolaba location has games which are 12+. The Dungeon room is also a DARK ROOM, very minimal light. So children under 8 years old may not wish to enter this room. Some puzzles will require the adult mind to help the kids solve them, and we like to think our escape rooms are a great activity for the whole family. # Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. Please contact us if you need the parent waiver in advance. We can send you a link to fill out your waiver online.

Do we have to pay cash, or do you have EFTPOS?

Yes we have EFTPOS. When booking online, fees apply.

Is there a minimum deposit for phone bookings?

ep..a minimum deposit , “2 Player” $90 option,   is available to book over the phone. Our “2 Player” option secures your game. As long as you are 100% sure that at least 2 people will be coming. This amount will be taken from the final amount owing for x number of people in said group.  This deposit is refundable with 2 working days notice prior to your game date, so please be sure when booking the time slot.

What is the car parking like at your locations?

In Caloundra,  FREE PARKING at the Transit Centre and Ormuz St Council car park. (Opposite the IGA) Street Parking is a  2 hr limit, paid street parking, available during the hours 9am-5pm weekdays, 9am-12 noon on Saturdays. Xmas holidays and Sundays are FREE! So book on a Sunday, but remember the Caloundra Streetfair (Caloundra Markets) goes until 1 pm, so parking is free still, but may be busy.

Mooloolaba location – “FREE PARKING” at the rear of our premise, or , there is 1 hour street parking until 5.30, unlimited after 5.30 pm.

Do any of the games have “JUMP SCARES”?

No. However, for a short time in preparation for our Halloween Month, yes, a few scary things have been known to happen.

What should I bring?

 Reading glasses if you need to read with them. But, if you forget them, we do have some spare glasses which may suit you. A water bottle, as we do allow water in the rooms. But really, as little as possible. We do have storage lockers for your valuables. But, these storage boxes are not shipping containers so please travel lite! Also, please do not forget your brain! 

Will I really travel through time in the Time Travelers Room?

Yes. So if you have a Space-time Passport, please bring it!!

I want to play with my friends only. What should I do?

If you would like to team up with your friends and do not want other players to join you, please request this by phoning to make a personal booking and we will ensure you are the only players in the game.

Can I take photos or video in the room?

No. No iPhones, iWatches, iAnklets, or iBrows. No, cameras are not allowed in the room.

Are tickets transferable to my friend?

Yes. You can give/sell your tickets to another person.

Are tickets refundable if we cannot attend?

Yes. Only if the request is made 2 working days (48 hours)before the game date. Also, if you book online, please be aware fees will apply.

What if I don’t like being locked in a room.

When playing our rooms, you are NOT LOCKED in ! If you have any questions please call to investigate further. But this is for an emergency only….NOT PART OF THE GAME!! (so you cannot just open the door & get out in 1 minute flat! LOL)

Is there anything about the rooms we should know before we play?


The Dungeon requires all players be blindfolded before they enter the room, then shackled together by the left ankles, as part of the story once in the room. We recommend wearing shoes and socks for the Dungeon.  Also, it is dark, but with some dim lighting to help you….just a little.

Can I put all the tickets under my name?

Yes. Please make sure that your name is on a all of the players name fields for booking purposes, this is fine.

We want to play the game as our TEAM BUILDING activity. Is it possible?

Sure! Please contact us by phone or email for your corporate booking. Your company can book in for 1 game, or, book out the entire place, including our lounge area for drinks and nibbles. Lunch or morning tea can be provided as well. There is a boardroom available for those sales meetings and short briefing on how escape rooms correlate with your teams normal environment. We can offer a specific package for the leader who wants to test out their teams abilities, or, just purely have fun!

What if I/we cannot attend our prepaid booking, can we get a refund?

Yes. Just give us a call, no less than 48 hours prior to your game time and we are happy refund your booking in full. If you have made an online booking, the booking fees are non-refundable.